The Anderson Foundation - Mission Areas

Please review our Mission Areas to know whether or not your request aligns with our mission and priorities.

Mission Areas

The Foundation funds nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations that provide services supporting these program areas for low-income and vulnerable populations or individuals:

   • Programs that provide basic and essential needs of children and youth;

   • Programs that improve or enhance the quality of life for seniors;

   • Programs that improve or enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities; and

   • Funding for medical research (funding is limited and by invitation only).

Funding Priorities

Where We Fund

The Foundation funds state-wide in the three states in which Carl and Marie Jo Anderson lived, worked and retired: New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Preference is given to non profits serving rural counties in all three states. Funding for non-profit organizations located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Houston area is not a focus of the Foundation at this time.


What We Fund

   • Unrestricted and general operating support

   • Restricted funds for specific programs

   • For existing grant partners with a history of programmatic support from the Foundation, the Foundation may fund capital campaigns for construction and renovation and seed funding for new initiatives or pilot programs, although these are a low priority at this time.


What We Don’t Fund

   • Endowments

   • Fundraising events (such as sponsorships, underwriting)

   • Organizations that do not have a current 501(c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service

   • Grants to individuals

Examples of Program Funding

   • Home delivered/congregant meals and supplemental food for food-insecure individuals

   • Emergency and transitional housing and shelter

   • Medical and dental care

   • Therapeutic services

   • Transportation

   • Day services for seniors and people with disabilities

   • Respite care for caregivers and respite care for seniors/people with disabilities

   • Early Childhood Intervention

   • Early childhood development